The target group

DoelgroepWith this school we want to offer a solution for gifted children who do not feel at home in the mainstream schools. There is no strict selection on the basis of IQ of the child. However, each application will be preceded by comprehensive  intake. A talent research report will be requested to have a clear picture of the child. This information allows us from the start to respond to the specific needs of the child.  We want offer the children an optimal balance between head, heart and body.


Primary school

The number of students by group will be limited to 15. Depending on pupils enrolled grade classes will be formed. With the individual approach and through contacts with peers we want ensure that the children can discover and fully develop their talents.



Languages will get much attention in the program. All the classic cognitive courses will be given in Dutch. The additional courses will be given in Dutch in French or in English. All Teachers give their courses in their native language.

Part-time program

On Wednesday morning, students follow the lesson elsewhere have the opportunity to subscribe for the part-time program.
Every month a new theme will be discussed (nature, drama, history, politics, engineering & technology, …). Each theme coupled by an experience (visit the forest museum, go to Technopolis, participate in the children’s parliament …). Guest Teachers with experience in their fields will provide these lessons.
The student remains enrolled at his regular school which continues to receive subsidies. The director of the regular school has to give permission for the legitimate absences for “personal reasons” (code P).
If desired, also two or more days of the week program can be followed.

Week schedule

About half of the time will be devoted to classical cognitive subjects. The curriculum will be adapted individually and tailored to each student. By adapting the speed we avoid, on the one hand, that the curriculum becomes boring and, on the other hand, ensure that sufficient effort made to get along.

The other half of the time will be filled in with additional courses that are given by highly experienced specialist teachers who were selected specifically for their experience with giftedness.

  • 2h music
  • 2h art
  • 1,5h philosophy
  • 1h IT/programming
  • 1h experiential science/technology
  • 3h project operation
  • 2h sport
  • 2h child yoga

Pre- and after-school child care

The school will be open from 8am to 5pm. On Wednesday the school is open from 8pm to 12:30pm.

Attainment levels

shutterstock_157222475At the end of the 6th year we will prepare the students and guide them to the Examiners Committee. In the form of a school excursion the students, accompanied by the teachers, will do the official tests organized by Education Flanders. On the basis of the certificate that is issues entry in each secondary school is possible.


School fee

To give as much as possible children the opportunity to follow the program, the schoolfee is salary-based. Feel free to contact us to discuss your personal situation.


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